Since ancient times a man has succeeded not only to draw attention to the nature and natural growth, but also scrutinized and learned how to use them in everyday diet and as a medical treatment. Wild herbs have miraculous power in health protection, strengthening and vitality. Such herbs have been thoroughly studied for centuries and their importance shall be never underestimated.

               Who would refuse from a fresh complexion, from healthy elastic face and body skin? Who would not dream of beautiful, healthy, shiny and good looking hair? How to preserve the benefits, which are gradually vanishing with the years passing by?
   The most important precondition –a healthy lifestyle. Healthy and well-balanced lifestyle means physical and psychological self-actualization and perfection. Right lifestyle means the art of living: to breath correctly, to eat healthy, to keep and maintain work, rest and sleep regimen, to go in for sports, to maintain the regular body weight within individual standards.

                            Our good mood and cheerfulness, our positive attitude toward the surrounding,
                                        our spiritual efforts – all these is important for our health condition
                                                                             and good looking!

"SALVIJA" company has been running business in medicative herbs’ processing and sales for over 20 years. The manufacture plant is located in Latvia, Bauska region, Īslīce, " LAZDIŅI'
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